How to Take Care of Society Finches

There is a simple reason why this sort of finch is called Society – they are very social birds. In fact, they are so social that they should only be kept in groups. They are very nosy and can even sometimes interrupt breeding of some other birds that prefer privacy a bit more. Society Finches are great pets for both beginners and more experienced owners. They are very dynamic and natured birds.

It is presumed that Society finches are domesticated type of the White-backed, but there is no proof of it. There are some theories claiming that they originate from Asia from more than three hundred years ago where they were bred by Japanese and Chinese breeders. Society finches can be found in three main color mixtures: pure white, fawn and white, and chocolate and white. There are other colors variations like solid-colored, tricolor, and crested . Society Finches grow to be around eleven to twelve centimeters in size. Special thing about Society Finches is that there are no two equally looking finches.

Society Finches are a very good choice for inexperienced owners. Beside their great charisma, they are cheap to get and very simple to take care of. It is important to feed them and give them fresh water on daily basis. Seed mix for finches will fulfill all the daily needs for these hardy little birds. This type of finch seed mixture is sold in every pet store. Every couple of days it is good to give them some kind of fresh green food in a different dish. They like spinach or chickweed, apples or pears and also eggs. There are also different sorts of nutritious treats of seeds with different add-ins like fruits, vegetables or honey. There are several other accessories that should be kept in a cage like grit with charcoal or cuttlebone. Grit can be served in a separate dish or it can be spread on the floor of the cage. Grit with charcoal is important for Society Finches to help their digestion and also holds some minerals and trace elements. Finches like to peck on cuttlebone to keep their beak firm.

Cuttlebone is also a valuable source of calcium that makes their eggshells strong and keeps eggs from binding in females when they are breeding. The cuttlebone holds the lime and as well it helps finches’ digestion. Owners who take care of their Society Finches properly and follow all the advices about their diet, hygiene of the cage and good position of the cage (not in drafty area) should have very healthy and happy pets. Most of the sicknesses that occur are very likely to happen because some of the previously mentioned advices were not followed.

Like all other sorts of finches, Society Finches like to bath from time to time. You can place a dish in a cage that is three centimeters in height with half of the height of water in it. There are also bath houses that can be bought as accessory for the cage. Society Finches have to have their nails trimmed by their owners. It is not very complicated process to do but when trimming you should be careful not to cut their nails to short because they have veins inside and can promptly bleed out. Nail trimmers and styptic powder (stops the bleeding) can be bought in any pet shop.