Change Life

In One Year – A Changed Life!

We are coming up on the one year anniversary of our “phone call” and receiving the referral information for our daughter. It’s hard to believe nearly one year has passed. In the big scheme of things, one year isn’t very long.

I have had other “big” years in my life – “big” because of both good and bad experiences, which have brought growth and change. But nothing can even begin to compare with the changes in me since the day they placed that scared little girl in my arms.

Most of the focus over the past months has been on all the many ways Mary has changed and grown as she nears the 3 year old mark. Stronger, taller, more confident and extremely talkative!

As I have been doing my own personal “year-in-review”, God has shown me the enormous changes He has brought about in me over the past months.

One year ago, I was feeling insecure – wondering if I’d “know what to do” when I became an automatic Mom of a 2 year old.

Today – I know I can do this, but not because of my own knowledge, wisdom, or strength. More than ever before, I am at the feet of our Lord every day asking Him to fill me up, guide me, teach me, and show me the right path – HIS path. I am totally humbled by the awesome privilege and responsibility of being “Mary’s Mama”.

I now know that the journey ahead – every day until the day I die and go on to heaven – I had better be on my knees. The older I get, the more I know what I don’t know and the more I realize that I am easily lead astray and into my own, foolish “strength” if I am not 100% clinging to the Savior every minute of the day.

A year has passed, and I am changed by this little life.

My prayer (and my assurance) is that mine is just the first of many lives that this little precious one – created by God for a special and unique purpose – will impact in profound and meaningful ways.